Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome To my blog...

This blog is about textiles and fibers.  About the beauty and practicality of making them into things that serve our lifestyle.  Finding ways to express this concept in my work is the mission before me.  I will be blogging here about the interesing things along the way and of course...  Crochet. 

I can talk about crochet all day long.  When I dream at night,  I dream of crochet.  I can remember when my little sister was teaching me, she explained,  "Crochet is a french word...".   I know I've come so far since then. It's kept so much of my sanity in tact.  Keep crocheting.  Just stitch the pain away.   

If you need to see any of the old content it has been left at  This isn't my first barbebeque.

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