Thursday, October 06, 2011

This little holder can be used for pens, hooks, picnic cutlery, cosmetic brushes, water bottle, or pretty much what ever suits your busy life. 
The material used for the bottom portion is thicker than that of the upper portion.  That is for stability and aesthetics.  I prefer the top to appear a bit daintier. 
I crochet with fabric yarn.  Similiar to tshirt yarn, but factory cut by big machines.  I also make my own lengths from the post industrial surplus of the textile industry.  You can make your own from tshirts or other fabrics.  Cut strips to about 1 inch and connect with knots.  Keep the knots to the back side of your work. 
Use the hook size that gives you the firmest tightest stitch that you can handle.  Use a steel hook size 00 to a G.  Do not use a hook that will bend or break easily.  You can anticipate a bit of "manhandling" to occur. 
Start with a magic ring. Six sc into ring ss into first stitch to close.  Ch1 sc into same stitch 2dc into next stitch and each stitch around.  Do not close off row. 
Rounds are worked in continuous spiral from this point.  *1sc in next st, 2 sc in next st.* repeat around.  Continue making a flat circle as big as the base you wish to create.  When you wish to make your piece go upwards and create the sides, start placing only one stitch in each stitch .  Working in a continuous circle yet creating stripes accordingly.
Add buttons and an edging of shiny floss.

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